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that massively scale while driving customer value


Delivering high value end-to-end products & solutions is in our DNA

We build highly bespoke projects for Fortune 1000 enterprises and start-ups backed by the world’s most prominent VCs.

To date, we’ve shipped over 70 projects which have modernized existing systems, become revenue generating products and/or got acquired.

We believe technology has no religion which allows us to prescribe the right tools & tech for the perfect outcome in an agnostic fashion.

Practice Areas

  • Microservices
  • Containerization
  • Automation & Orchestration
  • CI/CD
  • Infrastructure-as-Code (IAC)
  • Strategy & Acceleration
  • Legacy Modernization
  • Application Migrations
  • Hybrid Environments
  • Platform Engineering
  • Product Development
  • Open-Source
  • Everything as Code
  • Mobile
  • Web


We deploy results driven technology experts for agile project scaling in the digital-native world
When you need additional horsepower to accelerate your product roadmap or ship a project Akava can deploy the right assets at the right time!
We’re deeply embedded into the major US tech hubs and our mesh network of nationally distributed tech consultants & recruiters have a deep network of practitioners ready to join projects on an hourly basis.
Akava’s world class technology consultants integrate harmoniously with your culture and business to drive results.
Speed-to-Value with optimized cost efficiencies aligned to business outcomes.


Requirements Design & Analysis
Marketplace & Recruiter Distribution
Technology Expert Assessment
Present & Deploy Consultants


The traditional recruitment model is broken, archaic, expensive, and has failed to innovate - we’re here to fix it.
Our Recruiting-as-a-Service (RaaS) is a highly cost effective model which sits at the intersection of scalability, technology, culture building & employee retention! By combining the power of data-driven human capital experts and deploying our native referral marketplace platform, we create innovative and bespoke growth programs with our clients to deliver unrivaled results.
On average, RaaS saves our clients ~63% per hire as compared to executive search and direct placement fees from traditional agencies.
As an extension of your company, our dedicated acquisition experts work tirelessly on securing perfect candidates in the quickest amount of time.
To achieve an internet-like scale in the human world, you need to unlock as many personal networks as possible. Meet Mesh, our proprietary blockchain enabled referral marketplace which empowers internal employees and executives to make referrals, gamify success, drive retention while capturing data insights.
Building in-house teams of employees who are committed to one mission enhances overall organizational culture. Enhance organizational cohesiveness and allow employees to achieve more.
We build teams:


Customer-obsession is our passion. By placing our clients at the epicenter of everything we do, the highest results are always achieved.


Terraform Provider & API Development
Built a custom Terraform Provider for the Bare Metal Cloud group that’s been incorporated into the standard Terraform open source distribution and has full coverage of the Oracle Bare Metal Cloud APIs while being officially certified by Hashicorp. The Terraform provider is one of the most popular open-source offerings from OCI with over 25K+ downloads to date.
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Golang
  • Teraform
Content Creation App
Built a fully featured app in React Native, integrated it with internal and third-party systems and rolled out globally. The app enables Uber’s marketing team to reduce their dependence on stock photo purchases by empowering employees to take pictures when traveling in select cities around the world.
  • React Native
  • Node.js
  • MySQL
  • Box
Custom PaaS
The Shipped program was a comprehensive development platform that manages the entire software development life cycle. We built & developed the core microservices that make up Shipped, the web front end for managing and reporting on projects & many of the supporting features including the CI/CD pipeline.
  • Kubernetes
  • Mesosphere
  • Angular
  • Golang
  • Cassandra
  • OAuth2
  • HTML5
Enterprise Delivery Pipeline
Built a custom Jenkins pipeline to build applications, push artifacts to Artifactory, run tests with JUnit, measure coverage, run integration tests with Selenium and finally promote the application through deployments to various environments. Using Vault, we built an audited, team-administered authorization solution that integrated with the existing LDAP systems.
  • Jenkins
  • Jfrog Artifactory
  • Vault
  • Golang
  • Selenium
  • AWS


Akava is a Silicon Valley software development & talent studio delivering delightful digital native cloud, web & mobile products that massively scale.
We help F500 and start-ups ideate, architect, design & build bespoke solutions leveraging modern open-source tools and technologies. Our team is comprised of software artisans, design gurus, experience architects and business strategists who are passionate about providing a white-glove customer experience.

The world of work is changing. The best and brightest minds do not sit exclusively in Silicon Valley. As a result, we’ve built virtual delivery hubs throughout burgeoning tech cities such as Columbus, Austin, Seattle and Denver to meet the ever-evolving workforce landscape and rising client requirements. Through our hub-and-spoke model, we bring Silicon Valley to our clients cost-effectively with scale and velocity.


Did we mention Diversity & Inclusion is our middle name? We’re a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and partner with several underrepresented ethnic and diverse organizations, non-profits and universities to help propel careers in technology! Oh, and we donate a percentage of profits back to these groups to further strengthen their mission.

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